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In 2001, we set up Taiwan's first "Digital Design Department". We use digital media as the main body, information technology as a tool, design integration as the goal. Digital design to escape the traditional design of the shackles, innovation and new generation of new trends. We have played an important role in the design of art education in the environment, under the continuous efforts of the incumbent director He Hongwen, Shi Shengcheng, Yin Shengkai and the current director of Guo Zhiliang and all the concurrent teachers.

In recent years, the digital media technology trends triggered by the design revolution, so many schools have set up a number of multimedia systems. But the Department for the cultivation of quality students more carefully, the establishment of different learning platform, so that students can more diversified learning different areas of expertise.

The Digital Design Program focuses on "Aesthetics", "Practical Exercises", "Digital Information", "Video Editing" and other aspects. The five major areas of development include the field of graphic viewing, animation, games and interaction, comics and micro-film Field, design assistance area. Covering the art, CIS design, visual communication, media communication, industrial design, product design, space design, animation, film, digital multimedia, network design, virtual reality, games, programming language, interactive interface, artistic creation.

The first year to cultivate the beauty of visual communication, the second grade towards 3DCG computer animation practice creation, high grade to strengthen its integrated use of the ability to focus on 3D interactive multimedia applications, and then towards the "digital art creation", "animation and interactive interface Design "and other professional areas of development. And small class teaching methods to learn design, increase the interaction between teachers and students more and create more yuan works.

In addition, more with the school general education and a variety of auxiliary courses. In the repeated operation and practice to learn a variety of skills, at the same time with the humanities education to achieve the connotation of the upgrade, focusing on professional integration and planning capabilities in the new era of science and technology to enjoy the most advanced design concepts and technical capabilities, is bound to become an important backbone of the future society With mainstream.